Educational Services and Business Seminars

School Of Prosperity Shri Sama believes that prosperity comes from our inside out, and that as within as without. So, to achieve prosperity it is necessary to develop a harmonious mental, physical and spiritual equilibrium.

In order to get this equilibrium we need to acquire knowledge. We call it Knowledge To Prosper ™. which is based on 4 pillars: Self-knowledge, Effective Communication, Financial Formation, Application of Impact Marketing.

Knowledge To Prosper™ will let entrepreneurs and business owners to develop their own self as well as their business and thus enjoy life and business prosperity.

We provide educational services and seminars to support self and business development and thus enjoy prosperity in life and in business.


We believe that providing Knowledge To Prosper™ to those who seek prosperity in their life and in their business is to put in their hands the most powerful and leveraging tool they can use to achieve self and business development.

that is why School Of Prosperity Shri Sama has been created.

We are very committed to provide Knowledge To Prosper ™ through our educational services and seminars.

Achieving life and business prosperity is your right. Taking the steps towards it it is your responsibility.


We accompany you on your way towards prosperity by providing the knowledge, information and training you need to achieve personal and business prosperity. It is your responsibility to walk the way.

We encourage you to enroll in our educational services and seminars that will provide you Knowledge To Prosper™.

It will be great to see you and interact with you in our educational programs, seminars, workshops, and all events that we offer for life and business prosperity both online and offline.

See you soon!


CEO of School Of Prosperity Shri Sama LLC