Management Techniques to Improve Business Productivity – 1

Improve-Business-ProductivityDear entrepreneur,

To improve business productivity is crucial. If you want to continue in the field, you have nowhere to go but up in productivity. Still, up is not an easy direction. It defies gravity, both cultural and genetic. To go up you can apply some useful management techniques that Captain D. Michael Abrashoff share in his book It’s your ship, and that I will share with you through this and the coming articles. One of these techniques is called taking command.

What does he mean when he says Taking Command?

I will tell you in a moment.

Let’s imagine that your business is like a ship. You are the captain of the ship and your employees are the sailors. Of course, you take command of the ship.

From a traditional perspective of leadership you would probably think that taking command means that you have to take responsibility of everything, i.e. you have to take all the decisions yourself realizing later that you have no control of everything.

However, taking command in a new perspective way really means that you create the climate that enables people to unleash their potential. Given the right environment, there are few limits to what people can achieve.

The fact is that when you create this environment you create a company or a business of collaborators who are flourishing in a spirit of relaxed discipline, creativity, humor, and pride.

When you don’t take command of your business you need to train your employees to think and make judgments on their own.

When you take command you empower people. Empowering means defining the parameters in which people are allowed to operate, and then setting them free.

Put your lines and authorize people in your business to make their own decisions. Even if the decisions are wrong, stand by them, and encourage them to learn from their mistakes. Give them responsibility. The more responsibility they are given, the more they will learn.

This is a good way to keep your employees motivated and with a better performance. As a result, you will see willingness to improve business productivity.

No one person can stay on top of it all. That’s why you need to get more out of your people and challenge them to set up to the plate. What’s needed now is a dramatic new way to inspiring people to excel while things are happening at lightning speed.

The key to being a successful entrepreneur/business owner, says Captain Michael Abrashoff, is to see your ship through the eyes of the crew. Only then can you find out what’s really wrong, and in so doing, help the sailors empower themselves to fix it.

According to a survey, low pay is a number five on the list of reasons why private employees jump from one company to another. And the top four reasons are: the top reason is not being treated with respect or dignity; second is being prevented from making an impact on the organization; third is not being listened to; and fourth, not being rewarded with more responsibility. Talk about an eye-opener.

There is always a better way to do things, and contrary to the tradition, the crew’s insights might be more profound than even the captain’s.

Analyzing every process on your business and asking your employees if there is a better way to do things, you will be amazed of the results. Then you can make the necessary changes to improve business productivity.

Assume that your employees want to do well and be the best. Let them be involved in the common cause of creating the best business ever in your industry! Also, think that the secret to lasting change is to implement processes that people will enjoy carrying out. To that end, I recommend you to focus your leadership efforts on encouraging employees not only to find better ways to do their jobs, but also to have fun, even for fun’s sake.

Little gestures go a long way. Something that you can do is, for example, to turn hurry lunchtime in a holy, friendly and relaxed experience.

Remember, empowering your employees to be their best, not your best will improve business productivity.

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