Who We Are

Our Mission:

Our mission is to show the path to prosperity by providing Knowledge To Prosper™ to those seeking prosperity in life and business through our educational services and seminars.

And, at the same time, putting seeds for a new generation of individuals who lead themselves, their home, their business and their community based on values, love, mutual respect and true leadership.

Our Philosophy:

We recognize an individual as the expression of his Inner-Self, as an expression of the divine consciousness. As such, we consider personal and business prosperity from three areas:

1. Spiritual: A cheerful SELF, with peace and positive attitude, who knows who he/she is and what the purpose of his/her life, and uses his/her innate abilities to be a better leader of himself/herself.

2. Mental: A creative SELF, focused, with clarity and conviction, that communicate in an effective way to lead others.

3. physical (or material): A SELF that feeds healthily (by mouth, nose and mind) to impact in his/her home/business/community.

We also see human beings from the following perspectives:

1. As an ndividual

2. As a family member

3. As a social member (of a business, community). We believe that the leadership of an individual influences over his/her family unit,  business, and even community prosperity.

Our values:

In School Of Prosperity Shri Sama LLC, we move under the following values:

1. kindness and respect

2. honesty and freedom

3. service to humanity

Our code of ethics is “Love God above all things and love your neighbor as yourself”.

School Of Prosperity Shri Sama LLC was created  in 2011 in New Jersey, USA, by your servant Tula Alcocer, Fortuna for you.

Our vision:

To provide Knowledge To Prosper™ to all entrepreneurs/business owners in the Hispanic community mostly -but not limited- that seek prosperity in life and business.

Our goals:

* To be the leading company in the Spanish-speaking community providing educational services and seminars for self and business development.

* To contribute to the creation of a new society based on values, love, mutual respect and true leadership.