Why Us

We believe it is wise to learn from our own experience. But also, from the experience of others.

So, the Knowledge To Prosper that School Of Prosperity Shri Sama LLC provides is based on the real life experience of her owner and director. Not theory. It’s real life experience. This is what differentiates us.

Fortuna, a Hispanic immigrant woman, shares her own real-life experience on her path towards life and business prosperity in the United States. She shares the knowledge and wisdom she acquired and applied from her professional practice as an ESL teacher to the glorious of being successful in the network marketing field, and then from a suddenly upside down life to become a successful business owner and a happy mother of two kids.

The goals of School Of Prosperity Shri Sama LLC are:

1. To inspire, educate, train and guide professionals, entrepreneurs and business owners to increase their productivity and leadership to obtain the lifestyle they want.

2. To contribute with leadership development in Spanish-spoken men and women.

3. To contribute with the creation of a new Spanish-spoken individuals, families and entrepreneurship society.

4. To provide knowledge, guidance and tools to prosper in life and business.


Founder of School Of Prosperity Shri Sama.

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