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“We believe that providing you, dear professional,  entrepreneur or small/medium-sized business owner, Knowledge To Prosper™ as well as the right tools that help you bloom your Inner-Self is to put in your hands the most powerful leveraging tools you can use to enjoy life and business prosperity, integral prosperity.

That’s why School Of Prosperity Shri Sama LLC has been created”.

school of prosperity shri sama

We believe that prosperity comes from our inside out. And that as within, so without.

We can’t enjoy true prosperity if we don’t start by enriching our Inner-Self.

Those who know the way  and walk on the way  enjoy true prosperity. This means, those who acquire proper knowledge and apply this knowledge in heir daily activities can experience life and business prosperity.

The reason why most of people that look for prosperity end with a life full of stress, frustration and dissatisfaction is because they go the opposite way due to the lack of proper knowledge and right guidance.

But this is not going to happen to you. We are so committed to provide the proper Knowledge To Prosper™ and the right guidance to help you bloom your Inner Self, through our educational and coaching services.

We consider the proper Knowledge To Prosper™ as a combination of Eastern and Western Wisdom.

We build life and business prosperity by helping individuals to bloom their Inner-Self.

To enjoy personal prosperity, you need your Inner-Self to create thoughts, feelings, words and actions congruent with your goals. To enjoy business prosperity, you need your Inner-Self to create thoughts, feelings and actions congruent with the goals of other people. We call this “blooming your Inner-Self”, and requires Inner work. You can do your inner work when you acquire the Knowledge To Prosper™ and get the right guidance.

When we talk of Knowledge To Prosper™ we refer to the one that leads you to enrich your Inner-Self, to make it grow and to expand it as a high frequency energy. High frequency energy attracts harmony, peace, joy, love, and all those positive things that you thrive.

When we talk of right guidance we refer to the advice or guidance given from someone that is a mentor or a certified coach and that is willing to share his/her knowledge, experience, expertise and time, and that is willing to help and guide you to get all your expectations.

In order to get all this done, School Of Prosperity Shri Sama uses LIGHT as a methodology in all mentoring and coaching sessions. Ask for it to our mentors and coaches.


Achieving prosperity is our right. Taking the steps towards it, it is your responsibility.

School Of Prosperity Shri Sama is committed to provide you the proper Knowledge To Prosper™ and the right guidance to achieve prosperity from your inside out.

You can acquire the Knowledge To Prosper™ through our exclusive educational services and the right guidance through our mentoring and coaching services.

It will be great to see you participating and speak with you in our programs and events.

We encourage you to enroll in our ACFA program that provides you the Knowledge To Prosper™ as well as to request a free mentoring and coaching session to see how we can collaborate with you.

school of prosperity shri sama

Feel free to navigate in our website, your online home, and ask us questions that we will gladly answer them.

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School of Prosperity Shri Sama LLC has an open heart for you and is ready to shake your hand. Just tell us how we can collaborate with you, so you enjoy the taste of true prosperity, in life and business. See you.

Owner of School Of Prosperity Shri Sama.


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