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Knowledge to prosperThe knowledge that allows you to BE what you want to be, DO what you want to do, and HAVE what you want to have.

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knowledge to prosperDear friend,

My name is Tula Alcocer, well known as Fortuna, a life and business coach with NLP, founder and director of School of Prosperity Shri Sama and creator of ACFA program that provides you the knowledge to prosper.

Let me tell you that a few years ago I realized that many people seeking prosperity walk down the wrong way. I was one of them.

Normally, when people talk about achieving prosperity, most of the time they refer to the material or to the financial prosperity. They focus on the ‘have’.

And, yes, indeed, as part of the process of prosperity the ‘have’ is the result of what we want to achieve and is one of the elements of the formula for prosperity. However, focusing only on the material it doesn’t ensure us to experience true prosperity. On the contrary, it prevents us from achieving our most cherished desires leading us to slavery without shackles and a life full of dissatisfaction and frustration.

Have you ever felt despite having obtained academic, business or financial achievement emptiness in your inside or like something is missing? So I did despite the success I was getting in my network marketing business! Because I was focusing only on the ‘have’ until I discovered the formula for integral prosperity.

The Formula For Integral Prosperity

Personally, I have discovered that the formula for integral prosperity is BE – DO – HAVE.

To ‘have’ we must focus on the ‘Be’ first. In other words, we need to start enriching our inside to enrich our outside. In order to enrich your inside you need to discover yourself.

Believe it or not, many people are unaware of their inner world; they do not know themselves, they even do not know who they really are and what their mission is. As a result, they do what they can do and not what they are supposed to do in their lifetime.

By doing what you are supposed to do, ie your mission or purpose of life, which is what you really were born to, you give your best, and when this happens you are rewarded. Thus, you are successful, prosperous and happy. The formula works.

Integral Knowledge is Power

Knowing yourself is necessary but it is not the only knowledge that you need to get integral prosperity. Also, you need to acquire the knowledge of people. People that surround you at home, at school, at work, or wherever you are. In fact, when you acquire the ‘knowledge of people’ you can communicate effectively and affectionately, and develop long lasting and harmonious relationships with your family members, co-workers or colleagues. This leads you to true prosperity.

integral prosperityKnowing people mean knowing how they think, how they feel, how they talk, how they act and how they react. When you master this knowledge you can also discover people’s interests, priorities, necessities and desires which is very important for you to get prosperity.

Wondering how? I’ll tell you.

When you know people’s necessities or desires you can satisfy these necessities or desires by creating a product or service using your talent. Thus, you accomplish the purpose of your life, you do your best, and in return you receive love, health and/or money. When you give, you receive. The formula works.

Can you see now how important it is to know yourself and to know people?

Besides the knowledge of yourself and the knowledge of people, in order to get true prosperity you also need to acquire financial knowledge. Financial knowledge will let you increase your financial IQ, how to generate money in different ways, protect it, multiply it, and spend it wisely.

Today, you need to be smart with your money in order to achieve true prosperity.

Most of people go after money. In fact, 95 percent of population are trading time for money. In order to get true prosperity today, you need to learn how to put your money to work for you. That’s why you need financial knowledge.

Finally, you need to implement effective marketing strategies to sell yourself as a solution provider and not as a sales person, and of course, to sell your products or services.

Even though you are not in the sales world, you are in sales and you need to see the world this way, i.e. when you look for a job, when you are with your kids or with your parents or with your boss… If you see closely you will see that everything in life and business is a negotiation. You need to negotiate with your boss for a raise. You need to negotiate with your kids for a chore, you need to negotiuate with your boyfriend/girlfriend for a kiss!

Everything is a sale. Everything is marketing. integral prosperity

If you have created a product or a service that satisfies some people’s necessities or desires, you need marketing strategies them to buy it. Pay attention to what I am just saying… people to buy your product or service not you to sell it.

I know that I just said that everything is a sale. In fact, it is. But in order to be prosperous you need to sell yourself as a solutions provider not as a person that is selling a product or service. So, you need marketing knowledge.

Therefore, in order to achieve true prosperity you need to acquire integral knowledge, the four knowledge: the knowledge of yourself, people, financial and marketing. Integral knowledge is power. In fact, people who get integral knowledge become very wealthy. Integral knowledge is the knowledge to prosper today.

Unfortunately, statistics say that most people don’t get the knowledge to prosper because this knowledge is not acquired in the academic system.

If academic knowledge would let you achieve true prosperity, you probably would not be reading this page and you’d have gotten prosperity, wouldn’t you? But you and I know that this is not your current reality. However THIS IS ABOUT TO CHANGE!


Do you know what I am talking about?

I recommend you to continue reading…

Acquiring academic knowledge allows you to develop certain skills or abilities. However, often those skills or abilities are not aligned with your being, reason why you do not get prosperity.


In fact, many people who have great academic knowledge not necessarily are neither prosperous nor happy… living in a kind of slavery, with huge frustration and dissatisfaction, feeling even a huge emptiness inside of them.

integral prosperity

It is clear that the mere academic knowledge is insufficient to be prosperous and happy.

To feel the experience of true prosperity and live in it, you need to apply universal laws or principles, strategies and techniques that are acquired only through integral knowledge


The knowledge to prosper, the knowledge of yourself, people, financial, and marketing is the knowledge that aligns your mind with your heart, hands and feet. Integral knowledge is the one that combines Eastern and Western wisdom, our inner world and outer world, BEING and HAVING, giving and receiving, personal development and marketing, and integrates mind, body and spirit.

The knowledge to prosper or integral knowledge is the one that will free you and gives you the power today… the power to be, do and have everything you crave.

ACFA program is The Solution

Wouldn’t it be great to have a program that shows you how to…     21Discover who you are and what is the purpose of your life?     21Determine your life plan?     21Activate your own code of success?     21Communicate effective and affectionately to people?     21Develop lasting and harmonious relationships?     21Increase your financial intelligence to manage your money wisely?     21Create different ways to generate income?     21Multiply your money and protect it?     21Apply impact marketing strategies to positively sell yourself as a solutions provider?     21Implement MASS marketing to serve more people and expand your business globally?       integral prosp[erity

I know your answer. ACFA program is the solution you are waiting for.

I can see the excitement you feel to know that ACFA program will show you all this and much more!

Undoubtedly, after participating in ACFA program your life and/or your business will never be the same again.

Unfortunately, I know that many people will let pass this opportunity to acquire the knowledge to prosper that allows them to flourish.

I hope from the bottom of my heart that this is not your case.

ACFA is an educational program that allows you to acquire the knowledge you need today to experience integral prosperity.

If you’ve come this far then it’s because you agree with me that to achieve integral prosperity you need to acquire knowledge.

I’ve been sharing this knowledge with entrepreneurs in the network marketing industry around the world since 2009. Now the knowledge to prosper is in front of you! You can be part of an educational program that provides you the knowledge to get prosperity and happiness in your life and business! Yes! Simply wonderful!

What People Say About ACFA Program

“This program has transformed my whole life. I didn't know anything about effective and affective communication. I learned how to identify the type of person that is in front of me and how to communicate better with people. Also, I can understand my daughters much better. Also, it helped me to rediscover myself. It's amazing”. - Marta A.
“I highly recommend ACFA program. It was very good to me. I learned how to apply impact marketing in my personal life and in my business, something that I didn't know, and it helped me to develop leadership”. - Rosalinda R.
“I spent many years looking at the faults of others; I lost a lot of time criticizing and focused on what I did not want. By learning about the different types of people and how to communicate effectively and affectively with them my level of understanding has increased and I understand others much better. My life is no longer based on seeing other’s errors but knowing, understanding and helping them instead. This knowledge also helps me to understand my family, the people who are around me and my prospects much better. The experience has been wonderful. ACFA program has helped me a lot in my personal growth as I have shown substantial changes in my life. -Liliana V.

Why Choose ACFA Program?

The truth is that there are some books and courses that focus on teaching you how to prosper from the point of view of ‘have’. None of them provides you the knowledge to prosper.

However, as I mentioned above, achieving integral prosperity requires you to get integral knowledge. And that’s what ACFA program provides you, the knowledge to prosper from the perspective of growing your own BEING first.


As you may already have noticed, ACFA program is UNIQUE and EXCLUSIVE. There’s no other program like this one.

It is based on the four knowledge: the knowledge of yourself, people, financial and marketing. ACFA program is framed by the Eastern and Western wisdom, the inner world (BE) and the outside world (HAVE), personal development and marketing.

  Let me ask you something now.

Can you imagine how your life and business will be transformed when you start applying the knowledge to prosper that you will acquire through ACFA program?…

Wandering If ACFA Program Is For You?

It is if you are ready to get the knowledge that will transform your life and business forever as it did to me…   Then, yes! ACFA Program is for you!

How to Participate?

knowledge to prosperVery simple! Follow the following steps:

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  5. Open your mind and heart to the knowledge to prosper.
  6. Enjoy the experience of integral prosperity!



Our Guarantee

knowledge to prosper

If for any reason ACFA program doesn’t fulfill your expectations or you are not satisfied with the program we will reimburse your money. No questions asked. Nothing to lose but too much to gain. Your investment will be $197.00 for limited time!

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