ACFA program



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a-acfa-3First Pillar: Awareness


1. Dsicovering who you are

2. Discovering what is the purpose of your life

3. Reminding Your Own Self

4. Discovering your mental paradigm

5. Re-engineering your paradigm

6. Determining your life’s plan

7. Determining your lifestyle

8. Establishing goals – Aspects to consider

9. Establishing goals for your life/business





c-acfa-3Second Pillar: Connecting with Others


1. Understanding the Human Behavor

2. Acknowledging the Types of People

3. Communicating Effective and Afectively

4. Developing harmonoious and long-lasting relationships









f-acfa-2Third Pillar: Financial Education


1. Fundamentals of financial education

2. The 5 financial inteligences

3. Developing the 5 financial intelligences

4. Knowing the new capitalism










a-acfa-3Fourth Pillar: Application of Marketing


1. Impact marketing strategy

2. Application of MASA marketing

3. MASA marketing formula

4. Operating MASA marketing

5. Your start point