Transformational Workshops in New Jersey

School of Prosperity Shri Sama LLC hols the following transformational workshops in New Jersey (as well as online):



escuela-de-prosperidad-shri-sama-servicios-2Self Awareness Workshop:

to discover who you are, your life purpose, your strengths, your weaknesses, your life plan, and goals.




escuela-de-prosperidad-shri-sama-servicios-2Social Intelligence Workshop:
to learn how to develop better and long-lasting relationships and communicate effectively and affectively with others.




escuela-de-prosperidad-shri-sama-servicios-2Financial Education Workshop:
to learn how to increase your financial intelligence and manage your money wisely.




escuela-de-prosperidad-shri-sama-servicios-2Impact Marketing Workshop:
to learn how to sell yourself positively to be perceived as an influential leader.




escuela-de-prosperidad-shri-sama-servicios-2MASA Marketing Workshop:
to learn how to put your business online and expand it globally.




escuela-de-prosperidad-shri-sama-servicios-2Network Marketing Workshop
to learn everything about a financial vehicle that allows you to achieve financial freedom by generating residual income from home.



In order to participate in our transformatitional workshops, you must register first.


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