What is Prosperity?

Dear Friend,

what is prosperityIn this post we want to share with you our perception of what is prosperity from Fortuna’s life experience…

We conceive to prosperity as a flow of energy that emanates from within us towards others and that comes back to us multiplied and embodied in what we want.

Every thought, feeling, word or action we have is energy. Every time we think, feel, say or act we are emanating energy that expands to infinity, and according to the type of energy that we expand, we attract positive or negative things into our lives.

If we expand positive energy, then we attract more positive energy and/or positive things. If we expand the contrary, then we get the opposite.

In this regard, prosperity is the repeated addition of all energy constantly expanded through our thoughts, feelings, words or actions.

It follows that, if we want to attract positive things into our lives, ie, attract prosperity, embodied in health, love, wealth, etc., we need to expand positive energy in every moment of our life.

Prosperity is not just to accumulate material wealth (a comfortable house to live, a comfortable car to drive, to wear luxurious clothes, eat healthy food, good education and instruction, great entertainment, enough money to solve our needs and help others, etc.)…

Prosperity is the sum of health, money and love. The three acting together as a unit. Ask yourself, what if you have lots of money but not healthy? What if you have money and health but have family love, real friends, love of others towards you? What if you have health and love but no money? In this world where we live, in the physical planet, we need three things to be prosperous and happy. We need a balance between these three energies. Health is energy. Love is energy. Money is energy. By acquiring prosperity it means getting health, money and love. Being prosperous makes you feel happy and self-realized.

Some people have a lot of money, but living in poverty . Poverty is not measured by the lack of money. It is measured by the lack of spiritual values. Lack of money may be temporary, fleeting. The lack of prosperity can be durable. Similarly, being healthy is very different from not being sick. Being healthy is part of the prosperity of a person. Not being sick does not necessarily. When you generate positive energy you get health. When you generate positive energy you get love. When you generate positive energy you generate material wealth (things, house, money, etc. . )

In this regard, it is very necessary that you internalize and understand that the way to attract prosperity is within you, not outside of you.

Achieving prosperity is our right, step toward it is our responsibility.

Those who take the steps reach it! Do you dare?

At your service always ,

Fortuna Alcocer.

 Founder & Director of School of Prosperity Shri Sama


Certified NLP Life and Business Coach. I collaborate con entrepreneurs/business owners to grow personal and business through educational, mentoring and coaching services.